The Sammelband Flyleaf n° 0

To document the research done by project members and disseminate our finds, publications and events, we have decided to create a short publication entitled the Sammelband Flyleaf.

The first number appropriately called n°0 retraces the events and main activities undertaken previously. It also features a list of the project members and their affiliations.

As well as summarising events and on-going research, future numbers will contain short articles about specific cases and any other relevant information about Sammelband research.

Should you wish to subscribe to the flyleaf, please send your details and, if relevant, your institutional affiliation to the following address: – details of publication will also be indicated by the project’s twitter handle: @sammelband15_16


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Malcolm Walsby

Professeur d'Histoire du livre, Enssib / Université de Lyon

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