Lyon Winter Workshop 2022

This year’s Winter workshop will take place in Lyon on 28-29 November 2022 at Enssib, the French national school for book history, information science and librarianship. It will be organised by the Gabriel Naudé research centre and will be the occasion to open the research group to the Iberian world as we shall welcome Professor Pedro Rueda Ramírez of the Facultat d’Informació i Mitjans Audiovisuals of the University of Barcelona and Marina Ruiz Fargas and Núria Cangròs i Alonso from the Rare Book and Manuscript CRAI Library of the university. The event is in part paid for by a grant ‘Pack Ambition Internationale’ obtained from the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes to create new research connections with Barcelona. Two further events will be associated to this grant.

The Winter workshop is organised around the theme of determining provenances and grouping Sammelbände. This will be done with papers dedicated to specific cases and types of Sammelbände or with reference to wider themes (provenance via written indication, manuscript clues, binding information, etc). The Tuesday afternoon will be dedicated to a visit to the Diderot library of ENS Lyon to look at some specific cases from their collections.

The special collections of the Diderot library of Lyon

To attend this event: please sign up here: (attendance is free)


Programme of the event


Monday 28 November 2022 – Enssib lecture theatre

13:30-14:00: Welcome and registration at Enssib

14:00-14:30: Introductory talk

                     Malcolm Walsby, Enssib, Lyon, “Sammelbände and provenance”

14:30-15:45: Session 1: Individual Sammelbände

                     Neil Harris, University of Udine, “The Mysterious Affair of the Wrest Park Miscellany”

                     Katell Lavéant, Utrecht University, “From Geneva to Utrecht. What provenances can teach us about the contrasted lives of two Sammelbände”

15:45-16:00: Break and coffee                         

16:00-18:00: Session 2: Provenances in the Spanish world

                     Pedro Rueda Ramírez, University of Barcelona, “Impresos, efímeros y coleccionismo en las bibliotecas españolas y latinoamericanas en el mundo moderno temprano”

                     Marina Ruiz Fargas and Núria Cangròs i Alonso, University of Barcelona Library, “Sammelbände at the University of Barcelona’s Rare Books Library, or how we deal with facticis (with some relevant examples)”

                     Emile Thonar, University of Liège, “Provenance marks as tools for reconstructing networks: the case of the Jesuit college library in Liège”


Tuesday 29 November 2022 – Enssib lecture theatre

9:30-10:00: Coffee and welcome         

10:00-12:00: Session 3: Collections of Sammelbände

                     Nicholas Pickwoad, University of the Arts, London, “The home-made Sammelbände of Nikolaus Andreas Granius, Professor of Physics at the University of Helmstedt at the end of the 16th century”

                     Ester Camilla Peric, University of Naples, “Inside the library of Hartmann Schedel: evidence from the 1498 Aldine index”

                     Laura Bordes, University of Aix-Marseille, “The miscellanies of Mazarinades of Aix, a heterogeneous collection”

12:00-13:00: Buffet lunch at Enssib


Tuesday afternoon – Diderot library – ENS Lyon

14:00-17:00: Session 4: Hands-on analysis

                     Presentation of the collections of the Diderot library at the ENS Lyon with Claire Giordanengo.

                     Workshop with a selection of books from the collections      

17:00-17:30: Project member meeting and discussion of future events



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Malcolm Walsby

Professeur d'Histoire du livre, Enssib / Université de Lyon

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